Beyond Traditional: The Unique and Elegant Event Spaces of Jay Conference NYC

Jay’s Event Center

Jay Siegan, founder of the talent agency Jay Siegan Presents, has built his reputation on highly curated bookings that leave lasting impressions. His team is comprised of musicologists and culture hawks who understand the power of music.

Unlike traditional hotel meeting spaces, Jay Conference NYC goes above and beyond. Professional meeting planners and gourmet catering packages are included.


Located in the heart of the New York City, this legendary venue has welcomed some of the world’s most famous people including presidents, royalty, CEOs, restaurateurs and celebrities. Since 1827, it has defined the epitome of elegance and hospitality. This unique space offers the perfect blend of old and new to host any event.

Jay Conference is a unique and elegant meeting rental space in NYC that goes beyond traditional hotel meeting rooms. This conference center is a step above the bare minimum, offering professional meeting planners and gourmet catering packages.

Founded in 1976, this award winning seafood restaurant is known for its Clam Chowder, fresh Poke salad, Crab Cakes and Alaskan King crab. This historic building is the perfect setting for romantic dinners or large celebrations. Owner Amy Haverstick and her staff continue to provide exceptional food and service that is both personal and professional. She has made it her mission to revitalize Alliance’s downtown into a tourist destination with unique and fun businesses like the Wisecracks Comedy Escape Room, Mad Dogs Crazy Cat Cafe, Sticks Stones Bones Magic and Buddy’s Mug Coffee Shop.


The Blue Jay Listening Room is a cozy and welcoming space, perfect for live music events and intimate wedding celebrations. Its homey aesthetic encourages you to be present, leaving the day-to-day worries behind and embracing what really matters in your life.

Cara Murphy is the owner of this delightful little event space. She loves music and believes it is the key to unlocking our deepest emotions. She always wanted to create a space where people could share their passion for music and connect with others through it. Blue Jay is the fulfillment of that dream.

The 15,000 square foot New York City event center provides an exceptional range of services. It goes well beyond traditional hotel meeting spaces, which can be hassle-ridden to reserve and provide only the barest of administrative services and outdated presentation technology. Its catering and planning options are a step above the rest, as is its gourmet cuisine. Its team of professional planners will make your event memorable.

Event Planning

Blue Jay is a cozy little event space for music lovers and those looking to celebrate the love of their lives. In their view, music is pretty much the best thing ever; it heals the soul, connects us, and turns shared experiences into powerful and unforgettable memories. That’s why their homey aesthetic invites you to leave your worries behind and savor the moment, confident that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. They offer all-inclusive packages as well as hourly coordination and event styling services. Outside vendors are also welcome. They look forward to making your dream wedding a reality!


Whether you need portable restrooms for an event or are undergoing a construction project, Jay’s can provide the amenities you require. This includes luxury restroom facilities that deliver upscale comfort and privacy wherever they’re needed.

We offer a wide range of meeting room rentals, including our sleek and modern 34th Street Meeting Center. Our Room C features a sustainable wood laminate conference table and paired serving credenza. The ergonomic black leather executive designer chairs ensure your colleagues and business partners are comfortable for enduring sessions. Additional equipment is available upon request to enhance your experience.

Additionally, our 15,000-square foot New York City conference center is fully scalable to accommodate larger meetings of up to 50 attendees. We offer professional meeting planners, gourmet catering packages and the flexibility to meet your specific needs. We go far beyond traditional hotel meeting space rentals, which offer a minimum of administrative support and outdated presentation technology.

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